Specific Book Themes

Here I will list books within a theme:


Real Places in the world: Six Books that Take You to Real Places

Real Places in the world (MG): Eight Middle Grade Books that Take You to Real Places

Maps: Seven Books with Maps

Exotic Places: Six Middle Grade Books that Take You to Exotic Places

School Topics

Black History Month : Ten Books for Black History Month

Female Leads: Books with Strong Female Lead

Grief: 10 Books for Coping with Grief

Halloween: Five Spooky, Ghouly, Ghostly Middle-Grade books

Moon: Nine Books to Fly You to the Moon

Numeracy: Eleven Numeracy-related Books

Older Generation: Eight Middle Grade Books to Read with Grandparents

Poverty: 6 Books to Mark World Poverty Day

Refugees: Ten Middle Grade Books about Refugees

Settling in: Eight Books to Help Settle in the New School Year

Women in STEM : Twelve Books about Women-in-STEM

Global Citizenship : Middle-grade Books on Global Citizenship

Random Themes and Gift Ideas

Foxes : Six Foxy Books

Houses: Ten Books with House Covers

Music : Six Books with a Music Theme

Five Great Middle Grade Books Published in 2018

Middle Grade Books to Give at Christmas

Young Adult Books to give at Christmas