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Review : The Queen’s Fool by Ally Sherrick

Middle-grade Review The Queen’s Fool by Ally Sherrick

The Queen's FoolGoodreads Blurb

Cat Sparrow is on the road. She’s following her sister, Meg, who was torn from their convent home and sent to London. But Cat isn’t like other people – she thinks differently – and for a girl like her the world holds many perils. Luckily she befriends a young actor, Jacques, and together they follow Meg’s trail to a wondrous place called the Field of Cloth of Gold. But here, they discover that the kingdoms of England and France are both in terrible danger … 

My Thoughts after Reading

This middle-grade historical fiction is set in the time of King Henry VIII, when he was still married to his first wife and his daughter was only a little girl.

Cat Sparrow runs away from the nunnery in search of her sister who was snatched away from her one day. She befriends a French boy who is part of a travelling group of actors on their way to London. At Greenwich, Cat inadvertently catches the attention of the Queen who takes her in as her ‘fool’. Cat Sparrow follows her Queen Catty to France on a royal trip.

The voice of both characters are distinct. Cat has a unique way of speaking eg dingy-dark. Jacques’ determination is seen through his thoughts and encounters. The descriptions are rich regardless of pageantry or mayhem. I also enjoyed the author’s notes at the end.

A good read. 3.5*