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Review : Elsetime by Eve McDonnell

Middle-grade book review Elsetime by Eve McDonnell

Elsetime  Goodreads Blurb

A haunting story of friendship, courage, time-travel and a very special crow. It is January 6th 1928, a few days before the Great Flood. Glory Bobbin, a twelve year-old orphan, works at The Frippery and Fandangle Emporium creating jewellery with her secret assistant, a peculiar crow. The river is about to burst its banks and a snow storm has engulfed the town when she meets treasure-hunting mudlark, Needle Luckett, who has travelled through time to reach Inthington. Can two children and a crow save the fourteen lives endangered by the flood? Can they change the future?

My Thoughts after Reading

This middle-grade book is a heart-warming time-travel story.

In 1864, Needle and his mother are struggling to make a living after his father’s disappearance. He spends his days by the river banks with his pet crow scouring for little treasures he could turn into pretty ornaments. In 1928, Glory lies about her age so she can work and contribute to the family’s poor income. Glory is a talented jewellery designer frustrated with her wooden hand.

As both protagonists struggle with their hard lives, the story grabs you right from the start. The pacing is good and the antagonists are every bit detestable. A lovely ending where everything is tied up.

A very enjoyable read. 4/5