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Review : The Ghost of Gosswater by Lucy Strange

Middle-grade book review of The Ghost of Gosswater by Lucy Strange

The Ghost of Gosswater

Goodreads Blurb

A thrilling Gothic tale from the author of Our Castle by the Sea, shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize.

1899. The Earl of Gosswater has died, and twelve-year-old Lady Agatha has been cast out of her ancestral home – the only home she has ever known – by her cruel cousin, Clarence. In a tiny tumbledown cottage, she struggles to adjust to her new life and the stranger who claims to be her real father.

And on the shores of Gosswater Lake, the spirit of another young girl will not rest. Could the ghost of Gosswater hold the key to Aggie’s true identity?

My Thoughts after Reading

This middle-grade book is about a girl’s new life as a lowly goose farmer’s daughter.

Lady Agatha has been the daughter of the Earl of Gosswater all her life, until he dies and she finds out she was never his daughter. Furthermore, as with the law at the time, a nasty male cousin inherits everything. He even threw her out of the mansion, telling her she has to live with her real father.

Naturally a shock like that would get any reader to root for our heroine rightaway. I was right behind her when she adjusts to her new life. I shared her need to understand where she came from. With this intrigue great, the author has pacing is spot-on. I kept turning the pages. The author also has some lovely and poetic lines. My favourite has to be when Agatha struggles to accept her new life. She compares herself to being midnight, being neither day nor night.

A great read. 4.5/5