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Review : Rendezvous in Russia by Lauren St. John

Middle-grade book review by Rendezvous in Russia by Lauren St. John

Rendezvous in Russia (Laura Marlin Mysteries, #4)Goodreads Blurb

The fourth Laura Marlin mystery from the Blue Peter award-winning author of DEAD MAN’S COVE

When Laura Marlin’s Siberian husky, Skye, saves an actress’s life in Cornwall, she and her best friend, Tariq, receive a surprise invitation to work as extras in a film about an art heist in St Petersburg, Russia. But what promises to be the coolest holiday ever quickly turns deadly as a series of accidents threaten both cast and crew, and Laura finds herself at the centre of a deadly game.

Meanwhile, the Straight-A gang are dead set on revenge and Laura is at the top of their hit list. As the doors open on a lavish film party at the legendary Hermitage Museum, Laura and Tariq have to decide who and what is real. Could art be about to imitate life?

My Thoughts after Reading

This middle-grade mystery is about a two friends’ adventure in Russia when their pet husky is selected to star in a movie.

Laura and her best friend tag along as extras on the set and enjoyed the experience of the world of movie-making, even if all is not as glamourous and exciting as it seemed. There are little clues that all is not right, but Laura had promised she would not go looking for trouble. However trouble came looking for her.

I liked both the Russian setting and the story being set around making a movie. The characters are likeable and who wouldn’t fall in love with a three-legged husky? The pacing in this story is good; the writing is easy to read, hence turning the pages to find out what’s next comes naturally. 3/5