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As the mother of three young children – 5-year-old Billy, toddler Melanie, and baby Ruby – Mrs Dabble finds herself averting more crises than she can count: making toast with different shapes and toppings, wiping noses, pouring apple juice, and even helping her children to use the toilet – all at the same time. With Mr Dabble busy at work all day, Mrs Dabble wishes for more help.

Then old-time colleague Dr. Patsy Gerlaxi stumbles back into Mrs Dabble’s life with her newest invention: the Magic Mixer. With a bing-ba-da-bang, this machine takes a special feature from an animal and inserts it into a human.

And so, Mrs Dabble tackles the arduous challenge of parenting with the help of an owl, octopus, salamander, and more. But each feature comes with its complications, and finding the right combination of features proves to be a challenge.

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ISBN: 9781916197305


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ISBN: 9789814342391

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